I was going to go to BlogHer

But then my much anticipated $5409 tax return that I was supposed to get on February 16th was delayed. “Something was incomplete,” said the kind person on the phone when I called for an explanation. “How can that be? I filed electronically?” “It just happens sometimes,” she replied, with sympathy. I thanked her and was instructed to keep an eye out for a letter from the IRS detailing my omission, which I was to complete and return with all speed, whereupon it would be processed and I would get my return within 6 – 8 weeks.

I owe my dentist in the neighborhood of $1600 on March 8th, only because they were willing to do the work on me when I assured them I’d be getting my tax return this month. Now I’ll have to put off the rest of the work until I get the check, which just stinks. It’s hard enough to eat as it is, so I might be going back on a liquid diet for a while. Hey, I needed to lose weight, right?

Speaking of losing weight, I was doing really well on my diet. I had gotten down to 182, then the tooth problems started happening. It’s really hard to chew certain things when teeth are hurting on both sides. I ate a lot of ramen. Subsequently, I gained some of the weight back. I’m not terribly upset, I was expecting it, after all, and I didn’t gain THAT much back. I’m still under 190, at least. We were going to try to pick up the diet again on Monday, but the lack of tax return has put us in the dubious possession of a big fat goosegg in our bank account until payday, which is next Friday. Thankfully, everything that was coming out automatically has already come out, so we won’t be overdrafting anything. I don’t mind having no money, it’s when I get in the red that I start to get upset at myself.

We did just join Sam’s Club (definitely worthwhile, if only for their $1.77 a pound boneless, skinless chicken breasts. What a deal!) and stocked up, so we’re fine for groceries. I have a full tank of gas, so I know we’ll be just fine. It’s just annoying that I was told when I submitted my taxes that it was fine and the IRS had accepted it, and it was being processed. “You should recieve your return on the 16th” proclaimed the website, right up until the day of. When the day passed and there was no deposit, I started getting nervous. Oh well, now it’s just a waiting game.

As I write this I can hear my daughter playing Edvard Grieg’s “Morning Mood” on the violin. She started taking lessons at the beginning of the school year in August/September, and she’s progressed amazingly fast. She’s auditioned for and gotten into a special pop strings group at school. They do stuff like Crocodile Rock, it’s pretty cute. I’m just so proud of her and I hope she keeps it up. When my 2 older kids come to stay with me for summer, I’m going to try to find her a place to continue lessons. My middle son wants to dance, so I’m going to try to find lessons for him too. He needs some way to burn off lots of energy.

The past few days have been difficult for me mentally. Since the 16th, I’ve been depressed and had horrible insomnia, coupled with a few incidents of erratic heart behavior. I was at the doctor’s yesterday and got a prescription for Lunesta. It’s a a love/hate relationship as I get used to the stuff again. The first night it zonked me out in ten minutes but left me groggy for several hours after I woke up. Last night it took me a half hour to fall asleep, but I only stayed groggy for about a half hour when I woke up. The main thing I don’t like about Lunesta is that it leaves a funny taste in my mouth all day. Tonight I think I’m going to try taking just half. I was suppose to go get tested for ADD/ADHD on Wednesday, but of course, suddenly did not have the money for the test.

On the good side, I did get one bill paid off completely, so that’s one out of the way. When the tax return comes in, we should be able to pay off almost all of the medical bills. I’m so excited about that. We’re well on our way to being out of debt. We’ll even have my truck paid off in about 2 years, just in time to be looking to move up to Alabama. Ugh. I can’t wait to get up there and have a house with some land that I can make my attempts to be self-sufficient on.

I’ve rambled enough for now, I think. I wish I could afford to have someone do a site for me that didn’t involve a .wordpress. domain name.

It’s Hard To Think Of Titles Sometimes

I almost made a third post yesterday, but then I thought maybe I better wait because I didn’t want to get into the habit of making multiple posts in one day. I mean, my life isn’t -that- exciting, y’know.

Yeah. Mistake.

My brain is like a steel trap that’s rusted. I can’t even begin to pick up the thread of what I was planning to make my third post about today. That’ll learn me. I’ll just write it, and then wait to publish it until the next day. That makes more sense.

Today we went bike shopping (unsuccessfully). We really want to get a couple of cheap bikes and a trailer that we can just ride around on to get back in shape with. Unfortunately, the bike shop we went to wanted an arm and a leg for a bike. We’re not -serious- bikers. I’d be willing to part with a pinkie, but really, $500 for a bike? No thanks.

Back to craigslist we go.

On the upside, the pawn shop we stopped at to look at bikes after that had some super cheap DVD players, so we’re going to get one of those to go with the TV that’s been collecting dust since Mama Hottie gave it to us for Christmas. I need something to play Baby Einstein for Little Man, after all, and the portable DVD player that I bought back in 2005 is starting to show signs of wear. Hey, running Baby Bach on repeat for hours on end for a year will do that. Quite frankly, I’m surprised the thing still runs at all.

Also on the agenda for today was a visit to the eye doctor for new contacts and glasses prescriptions for us. Lately I’ve been having to take my glasses off to read, and it’s been pretty annoying. Of course, vision changes through pregnancy, so the glasses I got in 2007 are now too strong for me. Yippee!

The eye doctor was really funny. He’s a little guy, not much taller than me, and wears bow ties. In fact, his ads actually refer to him as “the bow-tie guy”. He just adored Little Man, who charms people where ever he goes. 

Anyway, I ended up with a trial pair of acuvue advance, because my eyes get real dry and itchy whenever I wear contacts. So far they’re pretty decent (and at a lower prescription than what I had before) but I’m going to be using the peroxide cleaning thing instead of the saline rubs. This should be interesting. Hottie got special contact lenses in a better prescription as well. We’re both relieved that our insurance covers the majority, and that we have tax money to cover the rest. It’s no fun being blind!

We also picked up a new convertible car seat for the Little Man. Honestly, the stroller/carseat combo is great, but the car seat we got with the set is so damn heavy I can barely carry it. Of course, that’s also because I’m a puny wimp, but hey.  I’ll set that up tomorrow and see how it works.

Little Man is doing fantastic at standing now, and he’s starting to feel around on top of the places he can reach. Time to start babyproofing!