It’s Crap, Mommy

Little Man has hit That Age.

You know the one — where your sweet, innocent child has suddenly started spouting every bad word that you didn’t realize you were saying until you hear it from the other room.

Now, I try to be pretty careful about what I say. I’ve switched to the less-offensive “son of a biscuit”, “shoot”, “crud”, “dangit”, “farg” and “fark”. But ocassionally, I will slip.

Like I did last night while playing Lord of the Rings Online. My son likes to sit on my lap and watch, and point to the horsie and sword on my character’s screen.

“Crap!” I blurted, as my husband’s character was lagging badly.

“Crap mommy! It’s crap! It’s crap mommy! Crap? It’s crap? Crap!”



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