A Week of Bento – Monday

So I started off easy. I found a delicious-looking recipe in my copy of Hawaii’s Bento Box Cookbook: 2nd Course and made it, and some rice. The chicken was so delicious it almost didn’t survive having leftovers to pack!

Anyway, as I said before, I’m starting off easy, so I didn’t get too adventurous as far as cute factor goes, but I’m still pretty pleased with the results. I just wish I’d been more careful with my camera settings. Sadly, Photoshop is not playing nice with my Win7, so I can’t fix them at this time. Later. When I have a new computer. But that’s a different blog post.

This one is my son’s lunch and snack bento. The pikachu bento I picked up from J-List for his birthday, the other one is one of the ones I won (say that 5 times fast) from Adventures in Bentomaking. Pikachu has garlic rice with lemon pepper and garlic and mushroom braised chicken. The snack bento has a mandarin orange cup that I reassembled into a silicone cupcake cup, with a grape tucked inside. The silicone cup did not survive the day. More grapes, baby carrots and sour gummie worms. String cheese, a strawberry (the monkey pick did not survive the day either.) Honey wheat pretzel twists and rainbow goldfish. Somewhere in there are a couple of gummie vitamins as well.

This is my daughter’s lunch bento. She’s older so she has a bit more food. She has a lot of the same stuff that my son got, with the addition of some sweet pickles, a gummie hot dog, and granola bar.

This is her snack bento. Grapes, string cheese, honey twist pretzels. Two rice balls with lemon pepper and gummie vitamins for eyes, strawberries and a finger banana. Although the finger bananas are really cute, they are a little hard to work with and way too sweet, in my opinion. I prefer regular bananas.

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