Breaking 180

For the past several months I’ve been trying to break 180. I’ve been taking a mini coaster ride between 180.8 and 184.6 pounds for weeks now. I think I’ve gone as far as I can without getting off my ass. Yesterday we signed up Mr. Hottie for Lifestyles Fitness and I got a week pass.

This morning I actually got up and worked out. I woke up before the sun was up and voluntarily went and exercised at a gym. This is a breakthrough. Too bad I’m not going to repeat the experience anytime soon.

Also today we bought a TV to replace our 19″ tube we’ve been using for a while now. Originally we were going to buy some no-name brand 28″, but when we made the decision yesterday to check it out the guy at CompUSA helpfully mentioned that there was a 32″ Toshiba going on sale today for about the same price. It’s not a huge TV, but it’s so awesome to see widescreen on an actual widescreen.

We still want to get the big 55″ TV, but this will make up for the several months in between that we need to save up for it, including the money that I raided from our piggy bank to buy the Toshiba.

As an aside, why the hell can’t WordPress keep up with my typing speed? I swear I wait like 30 seconds for the cursor to catch up with what I’m typing. Is there some trick to this that I don’t know about?

I was going to make a second post on my school, but I thought two posts in one day might be a bit much.

JavaScript is my nemesis. I failed the certification twice, despite getting 100%s on the quizzes done by the CIW Vcampus site. Go figure. Anyway, starting Monday JavaScript is my last class for this term. I have no more excuses, and no other classes I can hide behind (I passed the last two.)

JavaScript, you are going down. I’m contemplating the feasibilty¬† of teaching my daughter while I teach myself. Sometimes explaining things to someone else helps me to understand it better. Plus she’s got these great website ideas that I think she needs to actually do.


Hello Insomnia. You Are Not My Friend.

I’ve tried to get rid of you with Restoril. I’ve tried to get rid of you with Lunesta. I’ve tried to get rid of you with Ambien. I’ve tried to get rid of you with valerian. I’ve tried to get rid of you with melatonin.