I am still here, and I have no excuses.

I just haven’t had anything to say lately. School is kicking my butt, mostly because of the horrible thing called algebra that I’m very slowly getting the hang of. We’re talking 20 years of rust on the math gears, plus some stuff that I never learned, and this is just the first module! Logarithms? What the hell are those?

But I’m getting through it. Another thing I’m getting through are bills, which is fantastic. Because my university is so cheap, and my GI Bill is so much, it’s allowing us to get out of debt. It’s a wonderful feeling, truly.

We’re also slowly getting to the point of being able to actually have some furniture. We went to IKEA the other day and picked out a couch, which we should be able to get at the beginning of the year. We also have an idea of how to arrange the living room so we can have a kind of computer area, yet still have a TV area that is separate. That way, my middle child will be able to have his own room to sleep in, currently the computer room.

Little Man is a climbing fool and loves water. You’d never know that a year ago it was uncertain if he was even going to be able to walk, ever. Children are amazing, wonderful creatures, and sadly? enough, I can’t wait to have another one. We’re going to try to finish paying off the hospital bill for this one first (don’t worry mom!) before we go for another. We also have a pretty good idea of WHEN we want to have another one and it’s not for a loong (okay, maybe not THAT long) time.