Wait, what?

So, I’ve somehow managed to get myself enrolled in Kaplan University’s online IT program. I’m not really sure how this happened. All I really wanted was some information, but then the info guy said those little magic words “no out of pocket cost” and I started to think that maybe it would be possible for me to go back to school after all.

A couple of years ago I attended University of Phoenix online. It was good for a while, I lasted a little over a year, but a couple things ganged up on me to prevent my continuing education with them. 1) They raised their prices to something that was more than my GI Bill could cover, and 2) they stuck me in some horrible math class involving graphing and all sorts of stupid equations, and let me tell you what… I SUCK at math. College mathematics 1, grade C. College mathematics 2, F! F F F! So I don’t want a repeat of that, obviously.

I start the 25th, if all goes well. I’m a bit worried, hell, who am I kidding? I’m scared shitless! I just hope enough of my credits carry over from the Air Force and Phoenix that I don’t have to go through things over again. Mainly because I only get funding for another 3 years, so I’m either going to have to work really fast, or I’m going to have to take on another student loan down the line – not something I’m looking forward to.

I missed the February start date so apparently I’m going to start March 25th. Peak season for my job will also be coming up soon and I AM looking forward to that. I consider myself blessed to have a legitimate work at home job that is not only fun for me, it pays based on the work I do, which is fantastic for my guilt complex. There are days when I work 10 hours, believe me. My boss rocks though. She’s let me stay on through the year when it’s normally a seasonal job because I’m constantly saying “yes” when she asks me if I can type. Now it’s pretty much “If there are cards, you can type.” I love setting my own schedule.

But it’ll be interesting if I’ll be able to wrestle my time-management skills into submission once everything starts to move. School + Japanese classes, work, baby, kids visiting, household stuff, and packing. It’s going to be FUN! Oh, and blogging, which I’m still trying to at least make a couple posts a week. The problem is my posts have been sitting in drafts instead of being published, like this one which I’m topping off today was started on February 13. Yay procrastination!

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