Turkey Bean Whatever

I honestly have no idea what to call this. My mom showed me how to make it, and she didn’t have a name for it either. I usually refer to it as “that turkey stuff”. This is what Hottie and I have been eating every day almost for the past month because it’s cheap and it makes a lot, and it’s very versatile.


1-2 lbs ground turkey – I think the packages I usually get are something like 1.75 lbs or something, I never pay attention.

4 14.5oz cans of diced tomato – or two giant cans, or used stewed tomato, or whatever tomato-y goodness you like, as long as it’s chunky and not sauced.

5-9 14.5oz cans of beans – This is where the versatility comes in. I use a combination of garbanzo, black, great northern, canolli, kidney, red, butter, or whatever happens to be in the pantry. It just doesn’t matter. Don’t have any kidney beans? Leave ’em out. Have 3 cans of black? Use all those.

Corn – bag of frozen, couple 14.5oz cans, whatever. I love corn so I’d like to put in 2-3 cans but Hottie doesn’t like corn so we compromise with 1 can.

2 8 oz cans of mushrooms (optional)

First, take a can opener to all the cans. You’ll want to do this ahead of time. You can also drain and rinse all the beans ahead of time but personally I do it just before I add them.

In a 5 quart dutch oven (or other large pot, this recipe makes a LOT so be prepared) brown the turkey over medium heat. If you use real lean stuff you don’t need to drain it, otherwise get rid of as much of the juice as you can. If you use mushrooms, add them now. Salt and pepper the turkey. Add the tomatoes and season*.

Start adding the beans and corn, a little at a time and stir in between. Season again and check the taste. It’s really easy to over spice if you’re using hot stuff so be careful. Turn to low, cover (or not) and let cook until the tomatoes lose their acidity. I usually let mine go for about an hour, but I keep grazing off of it while I’m cooking because it’s so yummy.

Turn off heat and serve over rice (brown and basmati are especially good for this, I’ll use jasmine and white in a pinch but I don’t like them as much because of the starchy stickiness.) Enjoy for a week!

*Spices! Another hit of versatility. My mom uses a few shakes of tabasco and some red pepper flakes, but I’m a wuss so I don’t do that.

I’ve used : cholula + Mrs. Dash chipotle, worchestershire (added to the turkey while browning) + Mrs. Dash Steak seasoning, Mrs. Dash italian seasoning (see a trend here? I love Mrs. Dash)

Experiment with your own combos. I’ve thrown a can of ro-tel in there a time or two and it came out all right. It’s almost impossible to mess this up unless you over salt it.

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