Well Shit Bunnies…

I’m starting to realize that WordPress has a lot more oomph than I first realized. The only problem is, I’m not sure how to get the oomph out in public. I suppose I’ll just have to keep rambling on until I finally get around to reading some of the guides that exist on how to make this all pretty and neat and link what I want. For example, I have an “about” page. 

Really? Where is it? Well, naturally it’s at https://slavetothehouse.wordpress.com/about/ but who’s going to just type all that in? I’m leaving this in just so I can remind myself how much of a dumb bunny I can be before I get fully functional in the mornings. Did I mention I’m NOT a morning person by any stretch of the imagination? The only time I’m a morning person is when I stay up all night!

Hottie is staying home for the third day in a row today. The Sick has been going around the office so I’m glad he’s staying home, and hopefully later on today I’ll be able to make a break for it and actually GO FOR A DRIVE ALONE in my truck, something I haven’t done in… um… Yeah!

I’m hoping that the third W-2 we’re waiting on shows up soon. I’m good at stretching money, but even I can’t make 5 bucks last 10 days. Thankfully I just whipped up a huge pot of jambalaya gruel with sausage and peppers that Hottie is willing to eat for the rest of the week, bless him.

The video card on my computer died a couple days ago. Since I have to do work on my computer, it was pretty much imperative that we get a new video card. Of course, 5 bucks 10 days says that I instead got to cannibalize the card from Hottie’s computer and put it in mine. Thank God when we bought new video cards a few years back, we bought the same kind, so I knew it would work. Hottie now has to surf and play games via his work laptop, but dang, I’m glad they let him bring that sucker home, or else we’d have some real problems!

Little Man is getting closer to being able to say “ni-ni” and “bye-bye” at appropriate times. He’s also learned how to take his diaper off. Fortunately, our apartment is small and a naked baby only lasts about .3 seconds before being spotted and clothed. He still needs to see a cardiologist and possibly a geneticist, but thus far, all his bloodwork is clear, and physical therapy is working.

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