Such a little word, such a big meaning (kinda the oppostite of abbreviate, huh?). After stumbling onto the Bloggies via Redneck Mommy, I’ve plunged headfirst into the blog of a woman whom I envy SO much, it’s downright humbling.  It started with a post about potatoes and escalated from there. I’ve spent the past couple hours entranced in an EPIC tale of romance, so much so that when it came time to give Little Man a bath, I was actually disappointed I didn’t have a way to read them in the bathroom.

Would that I had a fraction of the wit and eloquence that Ree has. Would that I had a fraction of the land she lives on! Now more than ever I want to get up to Alabama and get some acreage and settle. I’m desperate to settle, to STAY in one place for longer than a year or two. To actually be able to unpack all my things and have a HOME instead of this place that we happen to be living.

Maybe then I could wax poetic about my gorgeous 5 acres of Decatur/Hartselle and the awesome mobile home we got while I wait for the construction company to finish making my Hobbit-hole. Seriously.

PS – Little Man pooped in the bathtub tonight. That was awesome.

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