A Few Steps Closer

I’m still riding high on my bounty of art loot. I’m going to be working up some prize packets for contest(s). Of course, all these contests will be is an excuse to get people to draw art of my characters. Why deny it? It’s what everyone else does. 😀

The question is, should I have one contest/one subject with multiple prizes, one contest with multiple subjects with multiple prizes for each, or multiple contests with a single prize for each, or perhaps even a raffle of some kind?

Now, on to the more important subject at hand, that being Little Man, my little boy wonder.

We took him to a pediatric orthopedist today. We weren’t told to, but I felt it would be a better step to take considering that blood work and his MRI have all been clear so far. He had some X-Rays done right there in the office of his knees and hips, and the BONES look absolutely fine, so that’s another thing to mark off.

The doctor thinks it might be a form of something called arthralgia ankylosis, which is “pain and stiffness of joints” in English. He said that we’re doing the right thing by having him seen by a physical therapist (which starts tomorrow, by the way) and to see how he does with that. We’ll be going back in March or April (I forget) for a follow-up.

He still needs another MRI done, but now we’re going to add an MRI of his hand, since the X-ray of his finger didn’t turn up anything wrong with the bones. This may end up being related to what’s going on with his legs. We’re just waiting for the hospital to get their heads out of their asses and accept that we don’t need an authorization code to get an MRI.

So, while we don’t have a definite “yes, it’s ___” yet, we’re getting closer.

Again, thanks for all the support, well-wishes, prayers, hugs, cuddles and everything else. We appreciate it!

PS – I forgot to add. I started a diet today (and made it through the first day, too!) because I realized that I’ve been eating a lot more from stress. Pesky stress! Anyway, I’m hoping this helps me out. 😀

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