Did I Score? YES I DID!

One of my biggest problems is that when someone gives me money specifically for Christmas presents or birthday, it is VERY hard to actually buy things for myself, simply because – if I’m accepting money from other people for Little Man, should I not use every penny I have for him as well?

However… it’s hard to spend everything on bills and not get anything for myself. It makes me feel incredibly selfish to WANT things that I don’t really NEED, but at the same time… meh, you know how it is.

I left the house this morning with the thought that I was only going to buy a couple packs of Sculpey to add to my block of crumbling white, so I could at least see if my idea would work.

My usual craft store is closing. They were having a 50%-70% off inventory of the entire store. Now, granted, things were looking might scarce, especially in the individual clay colors, acrylic paints, things like that. I picked out a couple of clays and a texturing thing and that was it. We found Christmas presents for the kids as well.

Then the incredible happened. Over the loudspeaker comes this announcement – “For one hour only, get a bag, cram as much stuff as you can in it and pay only $50.”

Oh. My. God. 

It wasn’t one of those little bags either. It was one of those 11 x 17 bags. I got one, then I made Hottie get one.

And then I went insane. All those little things that I wanted to get but couldn’t because we couldn’t afford it, I got. More clay, bead rollers, Prismacolor markers and pencils, three Rapidograph pens…. on and on and on.

I’m tallying it up right now to see just how much money we saved.


Grand total: $1370

I think I’m going to share the wealth and have a couple of contests!

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