Happy Holidays!

Hope everyone has a great one 🙂

We’ll be on the road tomorrow and won’t be back until January 4th. No internet up there either 😀

Hugs to all!

A Few Steps Closer

I’m still riding high on my bounty of art loot. I’m going to be working up some prize packets for contest(s). Of course, all these contests will be is an excuse to get people to draw art of my characters. Why deny it? It’s what everyone else does. 😀

The question is, should I have one contest/one subject with multiple prizes, one contest with multiple subjects with multiple prizes for each, or multiple contests with a single prize for each, or perhaps even a raffle of some kind?

Now, on to the more important subject at hand, that being Little Man, my little boy wonder.

We took him to a pediatric orthopedist today. We weren’t told to, but I felt it would be a better step to take considering that blood work and his MRI have all been clear so far. He had some X-Rays done right there in the office of his knees and hips, and the BONES look absolutely fine, so that’s another thing to mark off.

The doctor thinks it might be a form of something called arthralgia ankylosis, which is “pain and stiffness of joints” in English. He said that we’re doing the right thing by having him seen by a physical therapist (which starts tomorrow, by the way) and to see how he does with that. We’ll be going back in March or April (I forget) for a follow-up.

He still needs another MRI done, but now we’re going to add an MRI of his hand, since the X-ray of his finger didn’t turn up anything wrong with the bones. This may end up being related to what’s going on with his legs. We’re just waiting for the hospital to get their heads out of their asses and accept that we don’t need an authorization code to get an MRI.

So, while we don’t have a definite “yes, it’s ___” yet, we’re getting closer.

Again, thanks for all the support, well-wishes, prayers, hugs, cuddles and everything else. We appreciate it!

PS – I forgot to add. I started a diet today (and made it through the first day, too!) because I realized that I’ve been eating a lot more from stress. Pesky stress! Anyway, I’m hoping this helps me out. 😀

Did I Score? YES I DID!

One of my biggest problems is that when someone gives me money specifically for Christmas presents or birthday, it is VERY hard to actually buy things for myself, simply because – if I’m accepting money from other people for Little Man, should I not use every penny I have for him as well?

However… it’s hard to spend everything on bills and not get anything for myself. It makes me feel incredibly selfish to WANT things that I don’t really NEED, but at the same time… meh, you know how it is.

I left the house this morning with the thought that I was only going to buy a couple packs of Sculpey to add to my block of crumbling white, so I could at least see if my idea would work.

My usual craft store is closing. They were having a 50%-70% off inventory of the entire store. Now, granted, things were looking might scarce, especially in the individual clay colors, acrylic paints, things like that. I picked out a couple of clays and a texturing thing and that was it. We found Christmas presents for the kids as well.

Then the incredible happened. Over the loudspeaker comes this announcement – “For one hour only, get a bag, cram as much stuff as you can in it and pay only $50.”

Oh. My. God. 

It wasn’t one of those little bags either. It was one of those 11 x 17 bags. I got one, then I made Hottie get one.

And then I went insane. All those little things that I wanted to get but couldn’t because we couldn’t afford it, I got. More clay, bead rollers, Prismacolor markers and pencils, three Rapidograph pens…. on and on and on.

I’m tallying it up right now to see just how much money we saved.


Grand total: $1370

I think I’m going to share the wealth and have a couple of contests!

I Have No Title

I feel like I’m going to break. I feel like I’m just going to break down and start sobbing because my little boy’s knees are so tight they can’t get past 120 degrees or so. The tendons in the backs of his knees are like steel cables.

Tomorrow we’ll be tracking down an orthopedist on our insurance. We haven’t heard back yet from the physical therapist so I have no idea if we’re approved for any of that yet. In the meantime I sit him on a photo box and make him lean over and pick things up, except he keeps trying to move his right leg out of the way and use his left hand.

I know there’s phases for this kind of thing… I’ve gone through the guilt phase (was it something I did?) now I guess I’m in the angry phase (why my little boy?) even though I’m too tired to be angry.

I had a great idea for something I could sell but it turns out my sculpey is a bit too dry to work with so I’ll need to pick up some fresh and combine it. I think it’ll work. 

If you want to help with Little Man’s medical bills there’s a few things you can do. Everything here goes straight to the bills. –

Hire Hottie and/or myself to DJ your special event. Although none of our CoH accounts are active, we can still broadcast and take requests via IM. We don’t charge a set fee, just whatever in tips is fine.

If you shop at Amazon, use this referral link.

If you or someone you know is looking for web hosting, use Dreamhost, they rock!

If you have books to sell, try going through Cash4Books first, they’re a legit buyer – don’t try this with mass market books though.. well you can try, but don’t expect miracles. 🙂

Donate via paypal to sungryphon @ gmail.com (paypal will take a % fee, I think it’s around 3% but I can’t recall exactly)

If you are in Second Life, you can contribute $L to SunGryphon Lewellen or Gabriel Hocken. We routinely sell $L at the typical exchange rates.

If you want to contribute directly to our medical bills send me a note and I’ll give you the different account infos.

Current medical bills approx $3100

Prayers and well wishes are always accepted. Thank you all for your patience with my rambling.