Multiple Updates

Little Man –

Needs another MRI. The spine came back perfectly clear. The brain has a small spot they THINK is an angioma, but will need another MRI to tell. Bloodwork so far is clear, but we’re still getting results back.

Both the physical therapist and the occupational therapist agree that he needs some help. His knees, hips and right arm will not extend all the way. He can’t lay flat on his belly, nor straighten his legs. I’m hoping the insurance will approve some home therapy visits. It’s really hard to see him try to pull himself up and be unable to.

Next I think is to see an orthopedist, but I’ll wait until I know more of what’s going on. He may need some braces at night or some such.

Two teeth on the bottom, a third coming in on the top, and a fourth peeking on the top. Eee 😀

NaNo – 

Kicked THAT mofo right in the ass, yeah! XD

Only now I can’t stand the sight of a pen and paper.  😦

Job – 

Still no luck. It’s becoming a “which bill can I push back this time?” situation. We’ll be driving up to Alabama for Christmas and you can bet we’ll be doing some job hunting while we’re there. Fortunately, we only need to give 60 days notice at our apartment, and there’s no penalty for leaving the lease early.

Games – 

Again, thankful that LOTRO is free. I miss playing CoH. 

Holidays –

Have a Happy!

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