A Little Man Update

Today we went to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Little Man’s MRI. Originally we’d been scheduled in January, and decided to try a different place, but they called us and asked us if we wanted to come in sooner. Hell yes.

It was a bit rough for Little Man and I, as he was not allowed to have anything to eat after midnight (I did give him a snack when I went to bed around 2 am, shhh). We got up early and drove to the hospital around 830. When we registered, we were told our cost would be $500. Hottie and I kind of looked at each other, and we’re like… you can bill us. Heh. This brings our current medical bills up to about $3000, which is all right since our actual running cost is about 23 grand. Good thing we have insurance.

After we registered we spent a few minutes in the waiting room while Little Man fussed and complained about being hungry, and I felt … well I wasn’t nervous exactly (at the time I had been told the sedation would be oral) since I’ve had an MRI and I know it’s no big deal. There was also blood to be drawn which bugged me but I knew they’d do it while he was asleep.

Except that it turns out he’s getting an IV instead. Yie! They prep him for that and of course he is mightily upset, but calms down after everything is in place and he’s allowed to move his arm around again. They lead us to the MRI room, and I’m cradling him in my arms. They say “Okay, this stuff works pretty fast, so don’t worry when he goes limp.”

He was fussing a bit when they injected the anesthesia, but about 2 seconds later his eyes rolled partially back and he was out like a light. We handed him over and went back out to the waiting room where I (ha ha!) tried to write. Failing that, and miserably, we opted to drown our nervousness with chocolate glazed krispy kreme. Now, I had not had a krispy kreme donut since before I quit working at Rollins, and let me tell you, it tasted damn good. I guess once a year for one of those isn’t bad.

Afterwards we went back to the waiting room and I again tried to write, and suddenly realized I had my story timeline screwed up and that the main villain wasn’t really supposed to be there. Crap. If I could write an autobiography it might be different. Anyway. I tried to keep busy and distracted, and time did pass a little quicker than I expected. The RN came out and got us, laughing. “He’s breastfed, isn’t he.” Apparently he’d been trying to accost one of the nurses for teh boobahs.

We get to the recovery room, and here is my little boy all covered in wires and doodads and not one but -two- IVs. He had a blood pressure cuff on his leg, an oxygen meter on is big toe, and three monitors stuck to his chest, along with the IVs. Poor thing. He was very drowsy and complaining a bit so it took him a little to realize the snack bar had arrived. After he figured it out, he quieted down and pretty much ignored everything that was going on after that. 

He started to wake up more and was awake enough to tell the nurse just how pissed off he was when she took the IVs out. He chitchatted a little bit as we were leaving, and then promptly fell asleep again once we were on the road.

He’s awake now and having a bit of cereal, and jabbering and seems fine. We’ll hopefully have some results by the middle of next week.

The physical therapist and occupational therapist are going to call us to make their appointments, but our testing is done for now.

Thanks everyone for your continued support, well wishes, notes and donations. We really appreciate all of you. 

Now we just need Hottie to get another job, or else we might end up moving to Alabama a bit sooner than we planned heh

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