A Ssssurprissse Addition To The Family

So, on Saturday, we all went to the Orlando Science center, because someone was nice enough to gift us with a year family pass, which means it is free entertainment. We go there, turn the kids loose, and relax. 

This Saturday was a reptile show, all kinds of great info, snakes and turtles. Highlights were a 13-foot albino python (forget what kind exactly) and a very mellow gopher turtle. I took a few pictures but the lighting wasn’t that fantastic so I haven’t put them up yet because I need to sort and tweak.


Then there is this little fellow.. or chick, we’re not sure yet. She was given to me by a breeder. He had several and twisted my arm so painfully that I couldn’t say no. She’s a corn snake, very friendly, very tiny. I believe she’s about 8″ long or so. She’s already had a pinkie and is quite happy in her little critter keeper. Of course, having one makes me want more but we’ll see how it goes first. Thankfully frozen mice are quite cheap.

[link] needs a name! Help me name this little beauty. I’ll take any and all suggestions.

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