/mourn Michael Crichton

This journal is 4 days late but I’ve been busy.

Michael Crichton – Jurassic Park, Sphere, Prey, Andromeda Strain, Eaters of the Dead, and a slew of other awesome books and movies – passed away on the 4th. Damn, damn, damn. He will be missed.

NaNo is kicking my ass, but via a couple of tricks I’m starting to climb back on top of it. Unfortunately one of those tricks involves actually hand writing things. I never realized how bad my handwriting was until I tried to transcribe it onto the computer. Eesh.

My ex had the good sense to let me slide on child support for these two months since Hottie is down to one job. He interviewed for a position the other day which could work out. Once again, I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high.

My kids are here this weekend. Little Man loves ’em. They drive me insane. It’s all good.

Thanks to those of you who have donated (or tipped for shows), we really, really appreciate it. Every dollar goes towards copays and other med bills for Little Man.

That’s it for now, woo.

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