Every morning, every day.

Every morning I wake up (usually due to Little Man talking in my ear or snapping my bra strap) I wonder if today is the Day That Makes A Difference. You know, that magical day when suddenly enough’s enough and you have enough motivation to clean the house, write the great American novel, change the batteries in the bouncer AND shed 60 lbs all at once.

Every day the first thing I do when I wake up is groggily change my son’s diaper, stagger out into the living room and set him down on his blanket and somehow manage to get a bowl of cereal together without spilling either the cereal, the milk, or the completed pair on my way to the computer. Then I read Other People’s Blogs while I eat my cereal. And I think, “Okay, it’s been 2 months since I posted. I should post. Why haven’t I posted lately?” But I never actually post anything.

So I’m making today the Day That Makes A Difference, at least in my posting habits. Nothing fancy, really. Just try to get something out at least, oh, twice a week. That’s easy enough. I post more than that on my dA site. In fact, I should transfer posts from there to here and backdate them so I don’t have a huge gaping hole in my “previous” calendar, much like the huge gaping hole in my head.

And my torso, where they finally removed my offending gall bladder. The scars are pretty neat, though.

The snugglebug is just shy of 8 months old now. He doesn’t sit up yet, he doesn’t crawl, he doesn’t like being stood up on a lap and bounced, he’s not eating finger foods, and he can’t tell the difference between 7 am and 8 am, which is the hour that I need to go from muzzy-headed to take-on-the-world. I’m a little worried, but I know from experience that kids develop differently. I know that pretty soon he’s gonna figure out how to get around and I’ll realize that I don’t have enough room to put things to actually babyproof the bottom two feet of my apartment. Then I’ll get that playpen out and put him in that. Nothing like a little portable jail cell for your babies.

Later on I’ll try to fill in some of the 2-month gap. Maybe.