A Tiny Fish in a Great Big Blog Ocean

Now that I’ve decided to improve myself, I started looking for other interesting blogs to read and get inspiration from. The problem is, they’re all wonderfully better than me. I’m inspired by everything I see so far. Even this one. Honey, are you reading? You should try this instead of dumping everything on deviantArt.

The truth is, there are a lot of talented folks out there happily blogging away their daily lives in a kind of euphoric rapture. They even make the bad stuff sound good. Me, I just want to ramble about how I had to fight off mastitis in my right breast by nursing constantly even though it was incredibly painful and have people enjoy it. My pain is your humor. Admit it.

In a way, I’m glad that I’m just a tiny fish. I’m blogging for myself, and I don’t feel any pressure to produce spectuacular words of wisdom delivered with just the right amount of sass to the masses. I think the number of people who read this blog is one. Two if my mom remembers. Three if I prod my Southern Boy and ask him if he’s read my blog lately.

I consider these first, stumbling posts to be practice. Practice for when I actually feel the urge to put an ad on my site, or better yet, buy an actual web address. I’ve already spotted some things I’d like to steal from other blogs, including my OWN theme, rather than borrowing a wordpress default, however lovely it is.

I should mention that I have another type of blog. Now everyone can see how artistic I try to be, and how artistic I’m actually not. I am rather proud of a couple of these, but for the most part, I view them as practice. There are some truly talented artists over there, and I love to look through their work.

That’s me in a nutshell. Aspiring writer. Aspriring artist. Aspriring business owner. Aspriring make-enough-money-at-home-to-stay-home mom. I’ve some more to post, but for now I’m going to let this one fly into the wilds of the intarwebz.

Notes to myself : The snake, the penis mushroom, the sunburn, the art festival, the county fair, the move. I’ve got big plans, oh yes indeedy.


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