Lactose-free and Loving It!

I switched over to lactose-free milk today in an effort to stave off the horrible things that regular milk does to me. So far so good.

I have determined, over the past few days, that I need to post on this blog as soon as I get up or shortly thereafter, or else I’ll never get around to it. Things just have a way of interrupting my train of thought. Diapers, cooking, cleaning, all that good stuff. Pretty soon I’ll be adding a work-at-home job to that list as well, which I am very excited about.

The DH and I saw my other two kids on Sunday, which was fun. Got a kid that likes shopping? Turn them loose in a dollar store. They get to go crazy and you don’t have to worry about your wallet. Hopefully they’ll get to spend the night with us soon, for the first time.

My brain is a bit fried right now, which should be obvious due to my lack of witticisms and interesting material. Oh well, such is life. Poop and spit-up isn’t funny every day, just most days.

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