It’s Crap, Mommy

Little Man has hit That Age.

You know the one — where your sweet, innocent child has suddenly started spouting every bad word that you didn’t realize you were saying until you hear it from the other room.

Now, I try to be pretty careful about what I say. I’ve switched to the less-offensive “son of a biscuit”, “shoot”, “crud”, “dangit”, “farg” and “fark”. But ocassionally, I will slip.

Like I did last night while playing Lord of the Rings Online. My son likes to sit on my lap and watch, and point to the horsie and sword on my character’s screen.

“Crap!” I blurted, as my husband’s character was lagging badly.

“Crap mommy! It’s crap! It’s crap mommy! Crap? It’s crap? Crap!”


A Post of Daydream

I was inspired by Anymommy’s Brown Shiny House. I started to comment, then realized it would take up too much room.

My house isn’t shiny, it’s fuzzy. It’s fuzzy and green.

My house is fuzzy and green because it is Bag End.

At my green fuzzy house, there is always enough money.

At my green fuzzy house, electricity comes from the sun.

At my green fuzzy house, there is no washer and dryer to break because the wash is done by hand and hung on a line to dry.

At my green fuzzy house, there is a vegetable garden outside the kitchen.

At my green fuzzy house, all the windows face south.

At my green fuzzy house, there are horses and cows and sheep and goats and pigs and chickens and guineas and rabbits and cats and dogs and fish and rats and snakes and birds.

At my green fuzzy house, the kitchen always smells good.

At my green fuzzy house, I can be a stay-at-home mom all the time.

At my green fuzzy house, ALL of my children live there.

At my green fuzzy house, we can watch the sun rise and not be sleepy.

At my green fuzzy house, there is a reading nook with lots of books and sunshine.

At my green fuzzy house, there is a crafting and scrapbooking table with a place for everything and everything in its place.

At my green fuzzy house, projects get finished.

At my green fuzzy house, there is a tree with a tire swing and a treehouse.

At my green fuzzy house, the only sounds outside are natural.

At my green fuzzy house, the fireflies visit and there is no light pollution.

At my green fuzzy house, I am balanced.

When It Rains It Pours

Friday the Thirteenth:

Night’s grandmother was killed in a car accident and we had to use IRA money to fly him home to Alabama. IRA money that needs to be paid back by September 10 or we get hit with taxes and fees.  $1500.

I broke a tooth. $175 to put a temporary in that will hopefully last until I can get a crown that will probably cost over $500, not to mention I’ll probably need a root canal too.

Our washing machine broke. No clue how much it’s going to cost to fix and if we might be better off buying a new (used) one off craigslist. But can you really trust craigslist for stuff like this? Where would I even GO to find a cheap (under $100) washing machine?

I’m teetering on the “what’s next?” and “that should be enough misfortune for now, thank you” fence.

Sometimes I wish I was a “famous blogger” so I could justify asking random strangers for money, but that’s not how it works, is it?

No fault but my own.

A Week of Bento – Monday

So I started off easy. I found a delicious-looking recipe in my copy of Hawaii’s Bento Box Cookbook: 2nd Course and made it, and some rice. The chicken was so delicious it almost didn’t survive having leftovers to pack!

Anyway, as I said before, I’m starting off easy, so I didn’t get too adventurous as far as cute factor goes, but I’m still pretty pleased with the results. I just wish I’d been more careful with my camera settings. Sadly, Photoshop is not playing nice with my Win7, so I can’t fix them at this time. Later. When I have a new computer. But that’s a different blog post.

This one is my son’s lunch and snack bento. The pikachu bento I picked up from J-List for his birthday, the other one is one of the ones I won (say that 5 times fast) from Adventures in Bentomaking. Pikachu has garlic rice with lemon pepper and garlic and mushroom braised chicken. The snack bento has a mandarin orange cup that I reassembled into a silicone cupcake cup, with a grape tucked inside. The silicone cup did not survive the day. More grapes, baby carrots and sour gummie worms. String cheese, a strawberry (the monkey pick did not survive the day either.) Honey wheat pretzel twists and rainbow goldfish. Somewhere in there are a couple of gummie vitamins as well.

This is my daughter’s lunch bento. She’s older so she has a bit more food. She has a lot of the same stuff that my son got, with the addition of some sweet pickles, a gummie hot dog, and granola bar.

This is her snack bento. Grapes, string cheese, honey twist pretzels. Two rice balls with lemon pepper and gummie vitamins for eyes, strawberries and a finger banana. Although the finger bananas are really cute, they are a little hard to work with and way too sweet, in my opinion. I prefer regular bananas.

A Week of Bento – Introduction

Almost two years ago, I purchased a Kiki’s Delivery Service bento box from J-list. I never had an opportunity to use it, but I knew my time would come. For the past several months, I’ve been gathering more and more bento tools and a few other boxes as well. I even won some from Crystal Watanabe of Adventures in Bentomaking.

I have a plastic bucket in my kitchen that contains all of the bento stuff I’ve collected so far. It seems like a lot of stuff, but I still want more if I’m going to make really cute food. What I really needed though, was an opportunity to actually MAKE a bento box. Fortunately, with my kids here for summer vacation, it was only a matter of time.

Summer camp. Two kids. Five days. I sign up on a piece of paper and pay $15 a day for both to have boring lunches supplied by Crispers, or I could throw that page out and make lunches for my kids. I even bought my kids new bento boxes for their birthdays. It’s a lot more work than I expected, so I’ve been keeping the lunches simple. I’ll work on the cute later. When I have more tools!

Breaking 180

For the past several months I’ve been trying to break 180. I’ve been taking a mini coaster ride between 180.8 and 184.6 pounds for weeks now. I think I’ve gone as far as I can without getting off my ass. Yesterday we signed up Mr. Hottie for Lifestyles Fitness and I got a week pass.

This morning I actually got up and worked out. I woke up before the sun was up and voluntarily went and exercised at a gym. This is a breakthrough. Too bad I’m not going to repeat the experience anytime soon.

Also today we bought a TV to replace our 19″ tube we’ve been using for a while now. Originally we were going to buy some no-name brand 28″, but when we made the decision yesterday to check it out the guy at CompUSA helpfully mentioned that there was a 32″ Toshiba going on sale today for about the same price. It’s not a huge TV, but it’s so awesome to see widescreen on an actual widescreen.

We still want to get the big 55″ TV, but this will make up for the several months in between that we need to save up for it, including the money that I raided from our piggy bank to buy the Toshiba.

As an aside, why the hell can’t WordPress keep up with my typing speed? I swear I wait like 30 seconds for the cursor to catch up with what I’m typing. Is there some trick to this that I don’t know about?

I was going to make a second post on my school, but I thought two posts in one day might be a bit much.

JavaScript is my nemesis. I failed the certification twice, despite getting 100%s on the quizzes done by the CIW Vcampus site. Go figure. Anyway, starting Monday JavaScript is my last class for this term. I have no more excuses, and no other classes I can hide behind (I passed the last two.)

JavaScript, you are going down. I’m contemplating the feasibilty  of teaching my daughter while I teach myself. Sometimes explaining things to someone else helps me to understand it better. Plus she’s got these great website ideas that I think she needs to actually do.

Hello Insomnia. You Are Not My Friend.

I’ve tried to get rid of you with Restoril. I’ve tried to get rid of you with Lunesta. I’ve tried to get rid of you with Ambien. I’ve tried to get rid of you with valerian. I’ve tried to get rid of you with melatonin.


A Brief Blurb About Bathtime

Yesterday in the bath, my son placed a wind-up dolphin toy in a small yellow bucket with some water, held it up to his face and looked in, and started yelling “Monyo! Monyo!”

I think he may have seen Ponyo a few too many times now.

Sunburn, Garlic, and Pesto

Right now in central Florida there is a huge strawberry festival going on. If you love strawberries, this is the place to go, in Plant City, where you can eat all kinds of horrible food. I love strawberries, but sadly (or perhaps happily, for my stomach) Mr. Hottie and I decided to skip the strawberry festival in favor of the Renaissance Festival.

Actually, we were going to go to MegaCon but the prospect of seeing boobs my kids boobs outdoors in a boobs fun boobs atmosphere outweighed boobs seeing Ray boobs Park again, who is really the only boobs one we wanted boobs to see anyway boobs. Oh, and the Ren Faire has corsets which equal boobs on a shelf. Need I say more.

We forgot sunscreen.

Thankfully, the anklebiter was wearing a hat and was in shade most of the time and thus only got a light pink across his nose and cheeks, and the spot on his forehead where his hair wasn’t. Mr. Hottie got a good dose on the back of his neck but not too bad for the most part. I got the reverse-raccoon/lobster effect. I think I’ll be staying inside the next few days. I’d post a picture but I’m feeling extra lazy right now.

While we were there, aside from paying an arm for a green beer for Mr. Hottie, and a leg for a small cup of mead for me, I spent a bunch of money on a sticker and plastic bead necklace. I threw a knife at a fence and hit the target. Go me! I also rode my first horse in about 14 years, under the premise of letting Little Man have his first warhorse ride. It made me really, really miss horseback riding, and of course the boy loved it.

We also bought overpriced pulled pork sandwiches and baby back ribs which were really too fatty, but the sauce was delicious. I also got to traumatize my daughter some more by putting her on the spot with the Fiddle Fairy. I swear I’m going to have to put that girl through therapy. She really, really needs some confidence boosters. We were only there about 4 hours but it was a good trip. Unfortunately, thanks to the wonderful world of I-4, it took us about an hour to get there, and FIVE HOURS to get home. Seriously? What the hell, Orlando? WHY DO YOUR ROADS SUCK SO BAD. We left the Ren Faire at 2:30 and pulled in just after 7:30. It took me five hours to drive about 80 miles.

I made several heads of roasted garlic the other day, and somehow managed to eat three of them before I realized what I was doing. Hey, the bread was -right there-. Anyway, roasted garlic is delicious, especially when smooshed with some butter and spread onto a warm piece of French bread.

I’ve successfully not killed my basil. In fact, my basil got so happy I was forced to trim a bunch off so it wouldn’t outgrow the pot. Of course, not wanting to waste the basil, I decided to make some pesto. I just happened to have some pine nuts from a sale a couple months ago, so I had everything I needed for the recipe I was using. It ended up being really, really tasty. Even I liked it, and I’m not much of a pesto person… well, not much of a dry-packet-of-powdered-crap-that-makes-pesto-flavored-stuff person. Even my kids ate this, though. I’m keeping an eye on my basil for the next batch, and I may have to re-pot soon.

My kidlet is in the early stages of potty training. I wish I could say that he’s taken to it like a duck to water, but that’s so rarely the case. Mainly I’m not exactly sure what to do. My mom has a suggestion, the diaper websites have suggestions, the baby websites have suggestions… It’s nuts.

I’m slacking school pretty badly. It’s hard to focus again. I wish the damn tax return would get here already.

Money Only Adds to the FUN

On my IE favorites bar there is a folder labled Finances. In this folder are links to my two banks, various bills that can be paid online, and a couple of automatic transfers that I include so I don’t forget about them. Each of these links have a due date next to them, or paid. One of them says “paid off”, which I am really happy about but keep an eye on just in case some weird thing happens.

Generally I avoid looking at the finances folder because it causes a big knot of anxiety to form in my stomach, mainly because I have no money to pay the stuff that was due at the beginning of the month. We’ve got a couple of late fees, easy enough to deal with but I hate having to continue to put stuff off because we don’t have the money.

My missing tax information was taken care of and mailed on Friday. It will probably be processed sometime this week but who knows how long it’ll take to actually get the money. They say 6 – 8 weeks, but I’m hoping it’s sooner. I’ve submitted my GI Bill verification already, I usually do it at 12:01AM on the earliest day I can, so hopefully that will be showing up in time to pay rent.

Sometimes I worry that when we do get out from underneath these bills, I’ll have so little stress I won’t know what to do with myself. Soon, I keep telling myself. Soon. Soon the medical bills will be almost all paid off. Soon we will be under 10 grand on the truck. Soon all we will need to worry about is rent and utilities and I’ll be able to go grocery shopping for the good stuff instead of relying on mac & cheese and tuna and chicken in bulk.

I did make some killer crockpot BBQ chicken last night though, it’s fab as a sandwich with muenster cheese.

I have a lot of big plans. I have ideas about how to handle the budget so that we’re not living paycheck to paycheck, about how to handle the groceries so we’re not scrounging at the end of the week, about how to organize myself so that I’m not going crazy at the end of a school term. I don’t know that I’ll ever manage to put these plans in action, but I’m going to try.

That or I’ll just keep going crazy.

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